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The swing by Jean-Honoré Fragonard

<The Swing>, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, c.1767, Oil on canvas, 81 cm × 64.2 cm, Wallace Collection, London, UK

Most of the subjects of the paintings are romances and games of French nobles, so they are not often recognized in art history, but personally, I really like Rococo art. I especially like the bluish but colorful color scheme with a slight hue overall. Besides, luxury or pleasure, isn't that a pleasant subject? If other people do it, we hate it, but it's what you really want to do. Isn't that luxury and pleasure? However, during the French Revolution, most nobles in the painting were beheaded at the Guillotine in the Place de la Concorde. It's a cruel fate.

Fragonard's <Swing> has a lot of personal connections. This painting visited the Seoul Arts Center in 2009. Thanks to this, I was introduced to Rococo art for the first time. After that, it was nice to meet this again at the Wallace Collection in London in 2014. The girl on the swing was still the same! In her expression on a swing in front of her boyfriend, it seems that she intends to show off her sensuality to the fullest, but there is a sense of humor. Maybe that's why the butler who is pushing the swing and the surrounding sculptures show a smile.

It was a nice painting to give me time to appreciate for a moment.

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